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Griesbräu Hell, Sommerfrisch and Werdenfelser Ur-Dunkel

Griesbräu, Murnau am Staffelsee, Bayern, Germany.

ABV: 5.1%, 5% and 4.8% Origin: Murnau am Staffelsee, Bayern, Germany Website:

Griesbräu zum Murnau is a sprawling historic inn in Murnau, on the edge of the Bavarian Alps, that was once patronised by Blaue Reiter artists Vassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter. Like many such establishments it […]

Beck (Trabelsdorf) Zoigl Kellerbier

Top Tastings 2010

ABV: 5.8 Origin: Trabelsdorf (Lisberg), Franken/Bayern, Germany Website:

Beck Bräu Trabelsdorf

Not to be confused with the massive AB InBev subsidiary in Bremen, Beck Bräu is a brewpub in a small village in the hilly, wooded country of Upper Franconia’s Steigerwald. Over the past few years a number of its […]

Held-Bräu Hell

Beer sellers: Landbierparadies

ABV: 4.9% Origin: Oberailsfeld, Franken/Bayern, Germany Website:

Held-Bräu, Oberailsfeld

One of many small rural Franconian brewpubs, with a history dating back to 1680, “Hero Brew” is now run by Helmut Polster and his family. They turn out some seriously good stuff.

The malty accent of “Helles” beers is more typical […]

Trunk Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Dunkel

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version first appeared on facebook January 2009.

ABV: 5.1% Origin: Vierzehnheiligen, Franken (Bayern), Germany

Trunk Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Bier

I tried this wonderful unpasteurised Dunkel fresh from its cask at the Pigs Ear festival. The brewery, in a rural setting behind a basilica in a Franconian village named for “the […]

Hoepfner Kräusen

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version appeared on facebook January 2009. Beer sellers: Cerveteca

ABV: 5.1% Origin: Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Website:

Hoepfner Kräusen Krug

Hoepfner is an undersung family-owned independent founded in 1798 in Liedolsheim. It relocated to Karlsruhe in 1849 to take advantage of natural ice caves for lagering, and now claims […]

Camden Town Helles

Great British Beer Festival 2010 London Beer Tastings 2011: Revised October 2011. Hells Lager was featured in a piece on bottle conditioned beers from London in BEER August 2011. Read more about London bottle conditioned beers.

ABV: 4.8% Origin: London NW5, England Website:

Camden Town Brewery

Australian-born Jasper Cuppaidge owns the Horseshoe […]

Jolly Brewer Lucinda’s Lager and Taffy’s Tipple

First published in BEER September 2006 as part of a page marking the publication of the latest Good Bottled Beer Guide.

ABV: 5.2 and 6 per cent Origin: Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales Website:

Jolly Brewer Lucinda's Lager and Taffy's Tipple

This year’s Great British Beer Festival saw the launch of the the sixth […]

Grasser Huppendorfer Vollbier

Top Tastings 2009, Beer Sellers: Landbierparadies, Nürnberg

ABV: 5% Origin: Huppendorf, Franken/Bayern, Germany Website:

Grasser Hupperdorfer Bier

Vollbier, “full beer”, is a tax category that accounts for the vast majority of German beers and rarely appears on labels, except in Franconia where it’s become specialised to full-bodied standard strength lagers that come out […]