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Tilquin Gueuze à l’ancienne 2011

Gueuzerie Tilquin; Top Tastings 2011

ABV: 6% Origin: Rebecq-Bierghes, Brabant-Wallonie, Wallonie Website:

Tilquin Gueuze à l'ancienne 2011, à la main de M Tilquin soi-même.

This is the first release of new lambic blender Tilquin’s Oude Geuze, or Gueuze à l’ancienne as the Wallonian-based enterprise prefers to label it. A little controversially, the […]

Boon Meerts (Tilquin)

Gueuzerie Tilquin

ABV: 4% Origin: Lembeek, Vlaams-Brabant, Vlaanderen Website:,

Wooden former wine barrels at Gueuzerie Tilquin

Meerts is something of a forgotten member of the lambic family, though a couple of centuries ago it was ubiquitous in the historic brewing region. It’s the spontaneously fermented equivalent of small beer, made with the […]

Lindemans Oude Lambik 2 jaar oud (Tilquin)

Gueuzerie Tilquin

ABV: 5% Origin: Vlezenbeek, Vlaams-Brabant, Vlaanderen Website:,

Brewhouse at Lindemans, Vlezenbeek

The Lindeman family began brewing lambic as a sideline on their cereal farm at Vlezenbeek, just outside Brussels, in 1809, and only finally gave up farming to concentrate on beer in 1950. In the 1980s the brewery achieved significant […]

Boon / Revelation Cat 3 year old Marsala Lambic

Great British Beer Festival 2011

ABV: 6% Origin: Lembeek, Vlaams-Brabant, Vlaanderen (matured in Roma, Italy)

Revelation Cat Craft Brewing

Rome-based gyspy brewer Alex Liberati has been doing some strange stuff with unblended lambics from Boon and Girardin over the past few years. I wasn’t convinced by his single hop dry hopped lambics — traditionally […]

Molen Hot & Spicy

Great British Beer Festival 2011

ABV: 10.2% Origin: Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Website:

De Molen Hot & Spicy in its Bordeaux cask at the Great British Beer Festival, Earls Court, London August 2011

The big wooden barrels full of weird and wonderful beers that De Molen’s Menno Olivier brings to the Belgian/Dutch/Italian bar at […]

Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve No 3

Great British Beer Festival 2011 London beer tastings 2011

ABV: 9% Origin: London W4, England Website:

Brewer's Reserve No 3 maturing in whisky barrels in a spare corner of the Fuller's brewery, London W4, January 2011

I make no apologies for choosing a release of Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve as one of my […]

Belhaven Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2011

European Beer Bloggers Conference 2011

ABV: 8.2% Origin: Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland Website:

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer

Scotland’s Innis & Gunn specialises in oak ageing beer — “like no other beer”, they’ve been known to claim rather inaccurately, although their take on the process is unusual. It came about when Dougal […]

Molen Hel en Verdoemenis 666

Top Tastings 2010

ABV: 10% Origin: Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Website:

De Molen Hel en Verdoemenis 666

World renowned Dutch craft brewer Menno Olivier brews phenomenal beers in numerous styles, but perhaps his strongest suit is his imperial stouts, of which there are several, as well as variants within variants. ‘Hell and Damnation’ is […]

Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2005

Top Tastings 2010

ABV: 11.5% Origin: Esen, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium Website:

De Dolle Brouwers Stille Nacht Reserva 2005

An extreme development of the cult classic ‘Silent Night’ strong, sweet Christmas ale from the eccentric Dolle Brouwers, this wood aged version takes a slighty stronger implementation of the same recipe, generously hopped with Nugget and […]

Boston Samuel Adams Utopias 2009

Top Tastings 2010

ABV: 27% Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Website:

Boston Beer Company Samuel Adams Utopias 2009

I got an opportunity to try Utopias at a beer judging — it was presented anonymously but others on our judging team who’d tried it before instantly recognised it, and we later confirmed what it was, […]