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Strong ales for winter

Originally published in BEER November 2009.

The British have an issue with strong beer. In a beer culture centred round swilling down several pints at 4 per cent ABV or less, there’s a tendency to see higher gravities as a route to quicker inebriation. It’s not surprising, then, that British bottle conditioned strong ales are […]

Thornbridge Bracia

Featured as a strong ale for winter in BEER November 2009. For more strong beers see previous post.

ABV: 9% Origin: Ashton-in-the-Water, Derbyshire, England Website:

Thornbridge Bracia. Pic by Andy of, used by permission.

Rising star of British craft breweries Thornbridge have an impressive range of unusual beers but perhaps this is […]

Woodforde's Norfolk Nip

Featured in BEER November 2009 as a strong ale for winter drinking. For similar beers, see previous post.

ABV: 8% Origin: Woodbastwick, Norfolk, England Website:

Woodforde's Norfolk Nip

Established in 1980, Woodforde’s is now quite a veteran, and a leading player in the burgeoning microbrewing scene of East Anglia. As well as a […]

Sharp’s Massive Ale

Featured in BEER November 2009 as a strong ale for winter drinking. For more beers in this piece, see previous post.

ABV: 10% Origin: Rock, Cornwall Website:

Sharp's Brewery

Massive Ale is one of Sharp’s brewer Stuart Howe’s bottled specialities, an exciting sideline with a distinct Belgian influence for one of the more […]

Pitfield's 1896 XXXX Stock Ale

This beer featured in BEER November 2009 in a piece about strong ales for winter.

ABV: 10% Origin: North Weald, Essex, England Website:

Pitfield's 1896 XXXX Stock Ale

Pitfield Brewery is one of the pioneers of the British microbrewing revival, originally set up in 1981 in Pitfield Street, Hoxton, in the days […]

Amager Imperial Stout

Top Tastings 2009.

A shorter version was originally published in BEER November 2009 as part of a piece about strong ales for winter.

Amager Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.1% Origin: Kastrup, Hovedstaden, Denmark Website:

No roundup of winter brews would be complete without a real imperial stout, and one of the very best I’ve […]