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Ducato Nuova Mattina

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version first appeared on facebook, January 2009.

ABV: 5.8% Origin: Roncole Verdi, Emili-Romagna, Italy Website:

Birrificio del Ducato Nuova Mattina (New Morning)

I first encountered this unusual saison-style Italian craft brew, “dry herbed” with ginger, green and red pepper, coriander and chamomile, on draught at the Pigs Ear […]

Dupont Biolégère

Bières sans frontières, Great British Beer Festival 2007. For more selections see previous post.

ABV: 3.5% Origin: Tourpes, Hainaut, Wallonie Website:

Dupont Biolégère

Dupont, founded in 1844, is the highest regarded of the traditional farmhouse saison breweries of Hainaut though its talents stretch far beyond the traditional parameters of this sturdy, rustic style. […]

Vapeur Saison de Pipaix

A shortened version of this piece appears in the book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die (May 2010).

ABV: 6% Origin: Pipaix, Hainaut, Wallonie Website: First brewed: 1785 Serving temperature: 8-10°C

Vapeur Saison de Pipaix

“Born in 1785 with the brewery”, says the publicity for this idiosyncratic speciality, though in truth […]

Glazen Toren Saison d’Erpe-Mere Speciaal Eindejaar

Top Tastings 2009

ABV: 9 per cent Origin: Erpe-Mere, Oost Vlaanderen Website:

Glazen Toren Saison d'Erpe-Mere

You’d expect something special from the “glass tower”, a relatively young micro tucked away in the hilly country of the so-called “Flemish Ardennes” — it was co-founded by beer writer and leading Belgian beer expert Jef Van […]