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Great British Beer Festival 2010

Great British Beer Festival 2010

The Great British Beer Festival (GBBF), organised annually by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), is a remarkable event. This year almost 67,000 people, about 5% more than last year, drank about 114,000l (200,000 pints) of over 700 beers, faciliated by over 1,000 volunteers. This makes it the biggest […]

Molen Revelation Cat Whole Milk Mild

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 3.5% Origin: Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands Website:

Revelation Cat Whole Milk Mild

This is a beer deserving of the description ‘eclectic’: a cross between two traditional and somewhat neglected English beer styles, mild and milk stout, commissioned by an Italian and brewed by a Dutchman. The idea was […]

Port Older Viscosity 2009

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 12.5% Origin: San Marcos, California, USA Website:

Port Older Viscosity

Port Brewing is one of the leading lights of West Coast craft brewing, particularly for the Lost Abbey series of special beers created by its head brewer Tomme Arthur. At GBBF, Older Viscosity was labelled a Lost […]

Fuller’s Brewers’s Reserve No 2

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 7.7% Origin: London W4, England Website:

Fuller's Brewer's Reserve No 2 Limited Edition Oak Aged Ale

The Brewer’s Reserve series is Fuller’s head brewer John Keeling’s limited edition of wood aged beers, starting with a Glenmorangie whisky cask version in 2008. The second edition uses the same […]

Rebellion IPA

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 3.7% Origin: Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England Website:

Rebellion IPA

Rebellion, founded in 1993 and now a decently sized and highly respected micro, has kept the flag flying for brewing in the Thamesside town of Marlow since Whitbread closed the historic Wethereds brewery –its founders originally hoped it could […]

Camden Town Helles

Great British Beer Festival 2010 London Beer Tastings 2011: Revised October 2011. Hells Lager was featured in a piece on bottle conditioned beers from London in BEER August 2011. Read more about London bottle conditioned beers.

ABV: 4.8% Origin: London NW5, England Website:

Camden Town Brewery

Australian-born Jasper Cuppaidge owns the Horseshoe […]

Brodie's Summer Stout

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 2.8% Origin: London E10, England Website:

Brodie’s, the in house brewery at the William IV pub in east London, continues to impress with an imaginative range of beers including plenty of the dark stff. Served from cask stillage at the British Guild of Beer Writers’ pre-GBBF reception at […]