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From the cellar: Krombacher Pils

Krombacher Pils

ABV: 4.8% Origin: Kreutzal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Website: Date: 23 October 2000

Another review from the archive written for the pioneering Oxford Bottled Beer Database (OBBD). I’ve left it uncorrected — so please read it in that historical spirit. Perhaps I underestimated the fame of Krombacher, now one of Germany’s biggest independents, […]

Hebendanz Edel Pils

Beer Sellers: Landbierparadies, Nürnberg

ABV: 5.1% Origin: Forchheim, Franken/Bayern, Germany Website:

Hebendanz Edel Pils

Hebendanz is one of several breweries and brewpubs in the large Franconian town and former royal city of Forchheim, home to the celebrated Annafest. It’s been a family business since 1579 and is now in the capable hands of […]

Jever Pilsener

Bières sans frontières, Great British Beer Festival 2007

ABV: 4.9% Origin: Jever, Niedersachsen, Germany Website:

Jever Pilsener

This characterful pils-style lager from the German part of historic Fryslân is one of the driest and hoppiest of the established German lagers. Founded by the König family in 1848, the brewery passed through other family […]