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Des de Moor
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Des de Moor


Stone Arrogant Bastard and Oaked Arrogant Bastard

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale

Best Damn Beer Shop

ABV: 7.2% Origin: Escondido, California, USA Website:

Stone is the original bad boy brewer, with brand values that deliberately risk alienating certain groups of potential customers in order to boost the affinity of others. Offset by an obvious sense of humour and backed up by […]

Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Conflux No 1 Collage

Deschutes / Hair of the Dog Conflux No 1 — Collage

Top Tastings 2012

ABV: 11.6% Origin: Bend, Oregon, USA Website:,

Two of the best known and highest achieving craft breweries in the general vicinity of Portland, Oregon, got together to produce this long anticipated collaboration beer. Over two years in the […]

Steam/Epic Mayhem

Top Tastings 2011

ABV: 6.2% Origin: Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand Website:,

Steam / Epic Mayhem, on what's clearly a topless beach.

New Zealand, or Aotearoa if you prefer, is the one of the latest countries to have come to the attention of international beer fans for its vibrant new generation […]

Southern Tier hoppe imperial extra pale ale

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version appeared on facebook, January 2009. Beer sellers: Bierkraft

ABV: 10% Origin: Lakewood, New York, USA Website:

Southern Tier hoppe extra pale ale

‘Southern Tier’ is the informal geographical term for the southwest counties of New York state, and was also the name chosen by Phineas DeMink […]

Ithaca Excelsior! Ten

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version appeared on facebook January 2009.

ABV: 9.9% Origin: Ithaca, New York, United States of America Website:

Ithaca Beer Co Celebrating 10 Years

According to the bottle, “too many malts to list” and “an excess of American hops” went into this rather special beer, which I bought bottle […]

Port Older Viscosity 2009

Great British Beer Festival 2010

ABV: 12.5% Origin: San Marcos, California, USA Website:

Port Older Viscosity

Port Brewing is one of the leading lights of West Coast craft brewing, particularly for the Lost Abbey series of special beers created by its head brewer Tomme Arthur. At GBBF, Older Viscosity was labelled a Lost […]

Port Old Viscosity Ale

Top Tastings 2009

ABV: 10% Origin: San Marcos, California, USA Website:

Port Old Viscosity Ale

Port Brewing has its origins in the Pizza Port restaurant founded by Vince and Gina Marsaglia at Solana Beach, California, one of the pioneers of the craft-beer-and-pizza formula now found throughout the USA. The original Pizza Port brewery […]