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From the cellar: Abbaye du Val-Dieu Brune

Val Dieu Brune

ABV: 6.5% Origin: Aubel, Liège, Wallonia Website: First published: 6 November 2000

Another review from the archive written for the pioneering Oxford Bottled Beer Database (OBBD). I’ve left it uncorrected — so please read it in that historical spirit. This beer is still available, though has had its ABV hiked […]

Saint-Monon Brune

From the archive: first published in the Oxford Bottled Beer Database February 2001 Beer sellers: mi orge mi houblon

ABV: 7.5% Origin: Nassogne, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Saint-Monon Brune

I know little about this brewery except that it’s in wooded country in the Ardennes, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg [in the village of […]

Bocq St Feuillien Brune

Beer sellers: Beermania

ABV: 7.5% Origin: Purnode, Hainaut, Wallonie Website:,

Du Bocq St Feuillien Brune

Feuillien or Foillan was an Irish evangelist who, like numerous others, took up the viable 7th century lifestyle choice of wandering Europe preaching and setting up monasteries. Shortly after founding one at Fosse-la-Ville near Nivelles he was […]

Koningshoeven La Trappe Dubbel

Beer sellers: Beers of Europe

ABV: 6.5% Origin: Berkel-Enschot, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Website:

Koningshoeven La Trappe Dubbel

The only official Trappist brewery outside Belgium is operated by the secular Bavaria brewery in partnership with the brothers of the Abdij Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven near Tilburg — for more background see the review of […]

Slaghmuylder Witkap Pater Dubbel

A shortened version of this piece appears in the book 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die (May 2010).

ABV: 7% Origin: Ninove, Oost Vlaanderen Website: First brewed: 1929 Serving temperature: 8-10°C

The Witkap beers are the oldest surviving examples of the abbey beer style, predating more famous brands like Leffe and Grimbergen […]

Hertog Jan Dubbel

Originally published in BEER February 2006.

To read about more beers stocked by Morrisons, see previous post.

ABV 7 per cent Origin Arcen, Limburg, the Netherlands Buy from Morrisons Website

Hertog Jan Dubbel

The Arcense Stoombierbrouwerij (Arcen steam brewery) in hilly Limburg dates back to 1915. Relaunched with a management buyout in 1981, […]

Westmalle Dubbel

Originally published in What’s Brewing November 2003

Origin: Malle, Antwerpen, Belgium ABV: 7 per cent Buy from supermarkets, specialist shops

Westmalle Dubbel

Westmalle abbey is a member of the beer world’s most exclusive club: the Trappist monasteries that brew beer commercially under the direction of the monks. There are currently only six of these, […]

't IJ Natte en Zatte

Originally published in What’s Brewing March 2003

Origin: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands ABV: 6.5 and 8 per cent Buy from Specialist suppliers, including Beer Barons (

't IJ Natte

In a matter of years the Netherlands has gone from a Heineken-dominated desert to boasting one of the most interesting beer scenes in Europe, with […]