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Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs, Lille

Abbaye des Saveurs, Lille

A major interchange on the fast rail routes connecting England, Belgium and the Netherlands with France, Lille is the sort of place you remember primarily for passing through. Many a Belgian-bound British beer enthusiast will have found themselves hastily clearing up the formerly empty seat next to them for the […]

Artésienne St Glinglin Édition Limitée Amarillo

Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs

ABV: 6% Origin: Auchy-les Mines, Pas de Calais, France Website:

Artésienne St Glinglin Limited Edition Single Hop Amarillo

You’ll look in vain for the delightfully assonant St Glinglin (pronounced like ‘san-glan-glan’ but with French nasalised vowels) in the Dictionary of Saints. When a French speaker says something will […]

Thiriez Blonde d’Esquelbecq

Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs

ABV: 6.5% Origin: Esquelbecq, Nord, France Website:

Thiriez Blonde d'Esquelbecq

Daniel Thiriez began reinventing Northern French beer as far back as 1996. He ploughed a lonely furrow for some years – only from the mid-2000s have other startup breweries in the region dared to brew beyond established traditions. […]

Theillier Bavaisienne Ambrée and Blonde

Top Tastings 2011 (Ambrée), Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs

ABV: 6.5% Origin: Bavay, Nord, France

Theillier La Bavaisienne (Ambrée)

Northern French bières de garde are generally assumed to have deep historic roots in the local tradition of farmhouse brewing, though today’s best known and best selling brands are of more recent origin than […]

Proef/Craig Allan Agent Provocateur and Cuvée d’Oscar

Top Tastings 2011 (bottled Cuvée d’Oscar), Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs

ABV: 6.5% and 7.5% Origin: Lochristi, Oost-Vlaanderen, Vlaanderen Website:,

Craig Allan Cuvée d'Oscar (brewed at Proef)

These beers are produced in Belgian Flanders by a Scottish brewer based in Picardy, northern France, and are decidedly international at heart. Craig Allan […]

Pays Flamand Anosteké Brune Imperial Smout

Top Tastings 2011, Beer sellers: Abbaye des Saveurs

ABV: 8.5% Origin: Blaringhem, Nord, France Website:

Brasserie du Pays Flamand Anosteké Brune Imperial Smout

In November 2011 I was in Lille for a few days, checking out among other things the excellent beer range at the Abbaye des Saveurs shop in Vieux-Lille which […]