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Arbor Brigstow Bitter

Arbor Ales Brigstow Bitter. Pic: Wonker – Creative Commons

Top Tastings 2012

ABV: 4.3% Origin: Bristol, England Website:

Bristol is one of Britain’s more exciting beer cities at the moment, with some outstanding pubs, a small but growing cluster of decent small breweries and a flourishing homebrew scene. Besides Bath Ales, actually now […]

Box Steam Funnel Blower

Box Steam Funnel Blower

Top Tastings 2011 Southwest porters and strong beers

ABV: 4.5% Origin: Colerne, Wiltshire, England Website:

Family-owned Box Steam, founded in 2004 near Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s celebrated Great Western Railway tunnel under Box Hill in rural Wiltshire, is a brewery well worth keeping an eye on. I bumped into them […]

Sharp’s Turbo Yeast Unspeakable Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades III

European Beer Bloggers Conference 2011

ABV: 24% Origin: Rock, Cornwall, England Website:,

Sharp's Turbo Yeast Unspeakable Abhorrence from Beyond the Ninth Level of Hades III. Pic: Reuben Gray,

Sharp’s brewer Stuart Howe has produced some inventive stuff in his time, recently setting himself the challenge of producing a new beer […]

Atlantic Discovery Organic Golden Pale Ale with Lime, Chilli & Ginger

ABV: 5.5% Origin: Newquay, Cornwall Website:

This is an expanded review of a beer that featured as a fruit beer on the bottled beer review page in the August 2010 issue of BEER magazine, sent free every quarter to CAMRA members, who can also view it online. The magazine is also available in selected […]

Moor Old Freddy Walker and JJJ IPA

Top Tastings 2010 (JJJ IPA)

ABV: 7.5% and 9.5% Origin: Pitney, Somerset, Engand Website:

An extended review of a beeer featured as a strong and special beer on the bottled beer review page in the November 2010 issue of BEER magazine, sent free every quarter to CAMRA members, who can also view it online. […]

Sharp’s Massive Ale

Featured in BEER November 2009 as a strong ale for winter drinking. For more beers in this piece, see previous post.

ABV: 10% Origin: Rock, Cornwall Website:

Sharp's Brewery

Massive Ale is one of Sharp’s brewer Stuart Howe’s bottled specialities, an exciting sideline with a distinct Belgian influence for one of the more […]

Cheddar Totty Pot

Top Tastings 2008. Featured in BEER February 2009 as an ale to win lager drinkers.

ABV: 4.7% Origin: Cheddar, Somerset, England Website:

Cheddar Totty Pot

Established in 2006, this small brewery near the tourist hotspot of Cheddar Gorge soon won a reputation for good quality beers, including a bottle conditioned range. Its porter, […]

Hop Back Taiphoon

A shorter version of this review was first published in BEER August 2008 as part of a piece about beers for summer outdoor drinking. For more summer beers, see previous post.

ABV: 4.2% Origin: Downton, Wiltshire, England Website:

Hop Back Brewery

From this Wiltshire micro’s well distributed portfolio of bottle conditioned beers comes […]

Sharp's Honey Spice Wheat Beer

First published in BEER June 2008 as part of a piece about wheat beers.

ABV: 6.8 per cent Origin: Rock, Cornwall, England Website

Sharp's Honey Spice Wheat Beer

It’s a fine sunny spring day outside as I write this page – perhaps, given the weather so far this year, it’s too much of […]

O’Hanlon’s Tesco Finest Bottle Conditioned Ale

O'Hanlon's Brewing Company Ltd

First published in BEER February 2008.

ABV: 5 per cent Origin: Whimple, Devon Website

[Note this beer may since have been discontinued.]

In the interests of variety and even-handedness I aim to avoid featuring the same brewer on this page more than once a year. Over […]