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Woodforde's Norfolk Nip

Featured in BEER November 2009 as a strong ale for winter drinking. For similar beers, see previous post.

ABV: 8% Origin: Woodbastwick, Norfolk, England Website:

Woodforde's Norfolk Nip

Established in 1980, Woodforde’s is now quite a veteran, and a leading player in the burgeoning microbrewing scene of East Anglia. As well as a […]

Old Chimneys Amber Porter 1785-1827

Featured as a selection from the new Good Bottled Beer Guide in BEER August 2009. For more selections see previous post.

ABV: 4.8% Origin: Market Weston, Suffolk, England Website:

Old Chimneys Brewery

Former Greene King, Vaux and Broughton brewer Dr Alan Thomson has consistently produced small runs of innovative beers from his Suffolk […]

Greene King Suffolk Springer, Morland Old Crafty Hen and Strong Suffolk

Top Tastings 2010 (Strong Suffolk)

ABV: 6%, 6.5% and 6% Origin: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England Website:

Greene King Suffolk Springer

These three beers offer currently the only options for public access to Greene King’s legendary Old 5X, Britain’s only surviving wood aged beer made on a commercial scale. GK have long followed […]

Woodforde’s Nelson’s Revenge

A shorter version of this review was first published in BEER August 2009 as part of a piece about beers for summer outdoor drinking, featuring this beer under its rebadged Norfolk Bitter label for Marks and Spencer. For more summer beers, see previous post.

The beer also featured in BEER May 2011 as part of […]

Wells and Young’s Young’s Bitter and Kew Gold

First published in BEER July 2008 as part of a piece on beers recently converted to bottle conditioning. Young’s Bitter also included in Top Tastings 2008.

ABV: 4.5 and 4.8 per cent Origin: Bedford, Bedfordshire Website

Wells and Young's Young's Bitter

When you consider how perilously close British bottle conditioned beer was to […]

Fox Nina’s Mild

First published in BEER May 2008 as part of a piece about Norfolk milds. More Norfolk milds in previous post.

ABV: 3.9 per cent Origin: Heacham Website:

Fox Nina's Mild

A more traditional example of vertical integration [than with Uncle Stuart’s in the previous post] can be found at Heacham, a village […]

Uncle Stuart’s Pack Lane Mild

First published in BEER May 2008 as part of a piece about Norfolk milds. More Norfolk milds in previous post.

ABV: 4 per cent Origin: Lingwood Website

Uncle Stuart's Pack Lane Mild

Uncle Stuart’s on the outskirts of Norwich is one of a small but growing number of small breweries that are finding […]

Tipples The Hanged Monk

First published in BEER May 2008 as part of a piece about Norfolk milds. Beer sellers: Beers of Europe

ABV: 3.8 per cent Origin: Acle Website

Tipples The Hanged Monk

The English region most associated with mild is, of course, the West Midlands, still home to a good few classics in cask. But […]

Wells & Young’s Young’s Champion Live Golden Beer

First published in BEER November 2007 as part of a piece about beers from Booths supermarkets. More Booths beers in previous post.

ABV: 5 per cent Origin: Bedford, Bedfordshire, England Website

Wells & Young's Young's Champion Live Golden Ale

Like many people I was sad to see Young’s quit Wandsworth but I’ve been […]

Farmer’s Ales Golden Boar

First published in BEER September 2007.

ABV: 5 per cent Origin: Maldon, Essex, England Website

Farmer's Ales (Maldon) Golden Boar

The Golden Boars were flying off the shelf at the Little Beer Shop just outside Norwich a couple of months back. While I nerdily checked my wants list I noticed two obviously regular […]