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Des de Moor


Good Bottled Beer Guide 2009: Selections

First published in BEER August 2009.

Jeff Evans, The Good Bottled Beer Guide, 7th edition

The Great British Beer Festival sees the launch of the 7th edition of CAMRA’s Good Bottled Beer Guide, the swelling dimensions of which bear eloquent testimony to the resurgence of UK Real Ale in a Bottle. With each edition […]

Ales to win over lager drinkers

First published in BEER February 2009.

With real ale bucking the trend of decline in pubs, and with longer days and better weather on the way, it’s a good time to go evangelising among home drinkers looking beyond slabs of Stella. Back in the mid-80s cask ale brewers hoped to meet lager drinkers halfway by […]

Beers for summer outdoor eating

First published in BEER August 2008.

One of the pleasures of good weather is al fresco dining, but discerning beer drinkers needn’t feel they have to reach for the bottles of bubbly or, even worse, haul a slab of the amber nectar for from the fridge. Bottle conditioned beers can be subtle, sophisticated and robustly […]

Great British Beer Festival 2007: Bières sans frontières

First published in BEER August 2007.

30th Great British Beer Festival 2007 Earl's Court London CAMRA

The Great British Beer Festival is not only a huge celebration of indigenous real ale but also regularly presents one of the best showcases for international beer you could hope to find. The imported beer bars, collectively known […]

Books you must read before you dry

Adrian Tierney-Jones, ed, 1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die

Discerning beer drinkers turning to the bookstore for advice on what to try next currently face an unprecedented choice, with beer writers and publishers queueing up to provide definitive lists of international beers. 3 May sees the British publication of doorstop-sized tome 1001 […]

Great British Beer Festival Real Ale in a Bottle Bar 2006

First published in BEER August 2006

Great British Beer Festival 2006

The Great British Beer Festival is sometimes known as the biggest pub in the world, but for the dedicated beer hunter it’s also one of the best offies in the world as well. You’d be hard put to find anywhere else that offers […]

CAMRA North London tasting February 2010

Des de Moor and CAMRA North London tasters, Wenlock Arms, London N1, February 2010. Photo: John Cryne

Visiting a great beer pub like the Wenlock Arms, in London N1 on the uncertain border between Hoxton and Islington, reminds me I don’t go to the pub enough. And I wasn’t even here to enjoy its […]

Top Tastings 2009

Aromatherapy… Photo: Tom Stainer

Here are 30 beers which really stood out from the many others I tasted during 2009. They’re not necessarily new beers, just beers I hadn’t tasted before, or for a long time, and that from the first taste made me want to laugh, jump, shout or simply chill out in […]