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From the cellar: Prignon Fantôme

Prignon Fantôme Saison

ABV: 8% Origin: Soy, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website: Date: 8 September 2000

Another review from the archive written for the pioneering Oxford Bottled Beer Database (OBBD). I’ve left it uncorrected — so please read it in that historical spirit.

Dany Prignon is still brewing his eccentric beers today: indeed it appears […]

Saint-Monon Brune

From the archive: first published in the Oxford Bottled Beer Database February 2001 Beer sellers: mi orge mi houblon

ABV: 7.5% Origin: Nassogne, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Saint-Monon Brune

I know little about this brewery except that it’s in wooded country in the Ardennes, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg [in the village of […]

Prignon Fantôme

From the archive: first published in the Oxford Bottled Beer Database September 2000 Beer sellers: mi orge mi houblon

ABV: 8% Origin: Soy, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Prignon Fantôme

A cult following attends this tiny farmhouse brewery in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, which looks like a tourist brochure study in rurality: it has […]

Millevertus Mère vertus

Beer sellers: mi orge mi houblon

ABV: 9% Origin: Tintigny, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Millevertus La mère vertus

This interesting and very small brewery from rural Wallonia was launched in Toernich in 2006 by an ex-banker with the aid of a retirement bonus. It’s since done well enough to expand in July 2011 to […]

Tilquin Gueuze à l’ancienne 2011

Gueuzerie Tilquin; Top Tastings 2011

ABV: 6% Origin: Rebecq-Bierghes, Brabant-Wallonie, Wallonie Website:

Tilquin Gueuze à l'ancienne 2011, à la main de M Tilquin soi-même.

This is the first release of new lambic blender Tilquin’s Oude Geuze, or Gueuze à l’ancienne as the Wallonian-based enterprise prefers to label it. A little controversially, the […]

Blaugies La Moneuse

Beer sellers: Beermania

ABV: 8% Origin: Blaugies-Dour, Hainaut, Wallonie

Blaugies La Moneuse

Though the centre of gravity of Belgian speciality brewing is skewed towards the Dutch-speaking north, some of the most interesting and rustic Belgian beers come from small rural breweries in the French-speaking south of the country. Consider Blaugies, a brewery in a […]

Bocq St Feuillien Brune

Beer sellers: Beermania

ABV: 7.5% Origin: Purnode, Hainaut, Wallonie Website:,

Du Bocq St Feuillien Brune

Feuillien or Foillan was an Irish evangelist who, like numerous others, took up the viable 7th century lifestyle choice of wandering Europe preaching and setting up monasteries. Shortly after founding one at Fosse-la-Ville near Nivelles he was […]

Achouffe Mc Chouffe Brune Spéciale

Beer sellers: Beers of Europe

ABV: 8.5% Origin: Achouffe, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Achouffe La Chouffe and Mc Chouffe

Today the Achouffe brewery is one of the most internationally familiar of Belgian micros, with its cheerful trademark “chouffes” (gnomes) grinning out from beer store shelves in more than 20 countries. All this must […]

Sainte Hélène Djean d’Mady

Top Tastings 2008. A shorter version appeared on facebook January 2009. Beer sellers: Beermania

ABV: 5.5% Origin: Èthe, Luxembourg, Wallonie Website:

Sainte Hélène La Djean d'Mady

Founded in 1999 by home brewer Eddy Pourtois, who named it after a street he walked down when working as a postman, Ste-Hélène, originally in Virton, has […]

Abbaye des Rocs Spéciale Noël

First published in BEER December 2007 as part of a piece about strong beers for the festive season. For more strong festive beers see previous post.

ABV: 9 per cent Origin: Montignies-sur-Roc, Hainaut, Wallonie Website

Abbaye des Rocs Spéciale Noël

Belgium excels at producing strong bottle conditioned ales for laying down, including seasonal […]