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The ultimate beer measures table

This really was an idle moment, prompted by a Twitter discussion about the meaning of various words for beer measures. Self-explanatory, I hope, and comments and suggestions very welcome.

l ml fl oz US pt UK fl oz UK Measure Use 0.029574 29.57353 1 0.052042 1.040843 1 US fl oz Sample measure at Great American […]

Love beer hate pubs?

Here’s a challenge to the pub resurrectionist: The Spanish Steps, Woodpecker Road, London SE14, derelict for many years.

Anyone taking an interest in the discussion around beer and pubs in the UK over the past few years must surely have experienced cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, there’s a steady stream of gloomy pub […]

Cool runnings: beer serving temperature and flavour

Taking beer’s temperature: warm or cool?

The piece below was first published in Beers of the World magazine issue 13, July 2007, and was my first proper feature piece to appear in a ‘newsstand’ title. It’s subsequently been reprinted with my permission in a couple of other places. Although I’d probably write it slightly […]

British bottled beers in 2007

“Discount slabs of bland lager.”

As I began my beer-writing career with bottle reviews, some of the earliest features I was asked to write were on the subject of the bottled beer trade in general. For the sake of completeness, I’m reproducing this short piece written for Fuller’s Fine Ale Newsletter in 2007. Not […]

From the cellar: Tesco Drinks Awards 2006

Waiting for judgement day: bottles at the Tesco Drinks Awards.

Here’s a look back to the beer judging at the Tesco Drinks Awards in 2006, as published in the November 2006 issue of BEER. It was my second proper feature commission, and my first time as a beer judge. I’m eternally grateful to the […]

From the cellar: Buying bottled beer in 2005

Beers of Europe

My original intention was to use this blog to archive pieces that previously appeared elsewhere. I’ve stalled a little in implementing this plan, but now is the time to return to it. I’m starting with this piece which first appeared over ten years ago, in the November 2005 issue of BEER, […]